Agritom leafy green machine

Agritom Leafy Green Machine

Agritom leafy green machine; although future of farming coming into huge indoor farm buildings all over the world, now it is also possible to minimise it into a high cube seaway container as leafy green grow machine. You can grow many kinds of leafy greens and micro greens inside of leafy green grow machine. Lettuces, basil, cilantro, parsley, oregano, thyme, mint, spinach, kale, arugula, water cress and many many other veggies in Agritom Leafy Green Machine.

Agritom is manufacturing leafy green grow containers as a system. System runs with automatisation and it can be customised according to necessities. You can grow nearly every kinds of leafy green vegetables every where with Agritom leafy green machine.


Agritom leafy green machine has dimensions of 12 m length, 2,45 m width and 2,90 m height. It is available to be transferred by land, by railway and by sea way to everywhere all over the world. All you need is suitable land piece for placing the container, clean water (safe water for plant growth) and triphase electricity onsite.

Inside of the leafy green grow container has two or three parts according to different stages of the plant growth and growing plans of yours. System has UV (ultraviolet) and O3 (ozone) disinfection systems for air and water disinfections which are operating automatically like other parts of the system.

Learning plant propagation is very basic and you don’t need intense labor for growing leafy greens with this system. Also you can connect to machine from everywhere on internet and do settings if needed or you can see your veggies growing while your are away.

If you want to grow leafy greens commercially in volume you can use multiple leafy green grow machines of Agritom or we may design a special customised system for you.

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